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Yuan dayou is in the casting of nearly one thousand kinds of modern COINS, the most existing, the most influential, the most widely circulated coin varieties, it was in the republic of China after the establishment of the casting issue. Yuan shikai's face value is one yuan, middle yuan (50 cents), two jiao, one jiao 4. The form of silver COINS was unified, with strict regulations on the color and weight, and they were soon recognized and accepted by the society. In the domestic financial market, they gradually replaced the longyang of the qing dynasty and became the main coin in the circulation field.



After the revolution of 1911, yuan shikai took office as the "interim President" and later became the official President. At that time, in order to consolidate the domestic political stability, the development of the national economy, but also for the "constitution" and "emperor" preparation, so issued the "national currency regulations, resolutely decided to" unified currency system "in the country.





The front side of the coin is the left side of yuan shikai rong's outfit, the upper part is the "three years of the republic of China", the back part is the cross grain decoration of two trees, the middle part is the "one circle", the back part is the grain decoration of the coin, it shows the thought of founding the country based on agriculture for thousands of years. The artistic design on the coin is after the famous group of artists repeatedly try to figure out, carefully designed, they are like a piece of exquisite unsurpassed art, with high artistic value and appreciation value. Accordingly, can get the edification of beautiful enjoyment, art not only from coin body, still can understand the social economy condition of that time, political scene, historical setting to wait.




This group of roc three years yuan big head one yuan, wrapped pulp cooked old, good appearance. Collection clear handwriting, side teeth neat, size, teeth deep and shallow consistent, back chart jiahe clear specifications, for rare collection, has a very high collection value and investment value. The weight conforms to, the product appearance is superior, the preservation is intact, the mirror surface is smooth, the craft is the most exquisite, the grain decoration phase is accustomed to the line. During the period of the republic of China, warlords fought with each other, and warlords all over the country secretly cast yuan dafu, resulting in the existence of yuan dafu quality uneven. Most as commemorative COINS, minted amount is very small, extremely rare. The governor on the coin has a peaceful and peaceful, auspicious and wishful vision, folk collection, meaning "home and prosperity" auspicious treasure, it has a high collection market value.







In May 1911, under the guise of nationalization of the railway, the corrupt qing government transferred the right to build roads in sichuan and guangdong to the bank corps of Britain, France, Germany and the United States, arousing opposition from people all over the country, especially in sichuan. Hundreds of thousands of people joined the bao lu comrade army. After wuchang uprising, the provinces declared their independence, and the road forces surrounded chengdu. Zhao erfeng could not control the situation in sichuan, had to hand over the power of sichuan road movement leader pu dianjun and other constitutionalists. Therefore, sichuan province also declared its independence and established the "sichuan military government of han". It took over the chengdu coin factory and minted and issued "copper COINS made by sichuan military government" to expand military supplies.




Coin front center are decorated with a delicate hibiscus flower, its upper and lower right and left are listed "sichuan copper COINS" four, the upper edge of the book "made by the military government", the lower edge of the book value "when making money one hundred words", two sides have four petal flower star; The back of the central design is a very large seal character "han", "han" in the circle with a straight line as the bottom, the outer ring 18 small circles, two sides also have four flower star, the upper part of the "two years of the republic of China", six characters. This copper coin is relatively good, regular shape, good quality, natural wrapped pulp, font, decorative are clear and distinguishable, font stroke smooth.




Compared with sun's commemorative COINS and yuan's silver COINS, sichuan copper COINS produced by the military government have a relatively narrow circulation scope, and their circulation and existence cannot be compared with the former two. For this reason, fewer people are exposed to sichuan and fewer researchers. However, this does not mean that the research value and market value of sichuan ocean is not high, has always been the economic law and collection in the first place with the "rare to expensive" law as the standard. As the special currency of the special historical period and local power, the military government currency has the dual functions of military currency and civilian currency. It is the product of history, has irreplaceable cultural relic value and is the witness of history.



The collection value of ancient COINS is determined by the amount of existence, cultural value and casting process. From money, we can learn about politics, economy, history, culture, art, science and technology and many other aspects of knowledge, through which people are educated. From numismatic character design on can understand each country different period politics, economy, culture, art, nowadays, collect on the market, numismatic also becomes the collection that grabs a hand. Throughout history and modern times, Chinese ancient COINS in various periods have experienced the test of a history of 5,000 years. They have a long history and are full of beautiful things in eyes. To date, ancient COINS are not only the medium of Commodity Exchange, but also the epitome of cultural, scientific and technological development of economic and political systems in various times.


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